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Now available in NZ

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amofit S is a unique bioelectronic wearable device that improves sleep and reduces stress and anxiety by restoring the balance of the autonomic nervous system. It also enhances focus, memory and creativity by promoting the generation of alpha brain waves.


Nerve stimulation influences a variety of important autonomic functions in the brain and body, including neurotransmitter levels, inflammatory levels and metabolism.

Reducing stress & anxiety, improvement in the body’s internal balance & increased potential to recover from chronic diseases are just some of the benefits of using amofit S.



"I recieved my Amofit about 2 months ago. The first couple of days my body felt so exhausted and I think it was all to do with the anxiety and stress that I was letting go of. It’s amazing how much of an effect the Amofit has had on me every single day. I even let my partner try it for a few days and she also experienced a huge effect from it. The Amofit has made me calmer, less anxious, less stressed and better focused when doing daily tasks. For someone who was considering professional help with my anxiety, this was a much cheaper option and turned out to be exactly what I was needing."

Mason Corbett, New Zealand

"A SLEEP STORY. A relative is a poor sleeper but lately has been sleeping only ~3 hours per night and was “desperate”. Hearing about my experience of Amofit S, reading up about it and noting its potential as a sleep aid, they ordered one. Whilst they waited for theirs, I visited and they wore mine for 3 hours. First night, they didn’t toss and turn fitfully, as they had been doing. Second night, they slept 5-6 hours, “peacefully”. Third night, they fell asleep quite quickly. After 2 hrs of sleep they had to get up briefly but was able to go back to sleep (!) and slept a total of about 7 hours, which they described as “fantastic” and “lovely”. After a gap of about a week, their own arrived. That first night, they described “a good night’s sleep”. Compared with how bad it’s been: far less tossing & turning, quicker to fall asleep, felt refreshed in the morning. And this was from just 2 uses."

Bron AU, Australia

"I’ve been wearing my Amofit-S now for 2 weeks. I had low expectations after trying a range of other options to help me sleep in the past – incl sleep supplements, meditation, and other therapies and unfortunately to no avail remained with an average sleep time of around 4-5 hrs a night of pretty much restlessness. My sleep patterns had deteriorated as I entered my 50’s. I noticed a big difference after the second day of using – mainly using the calm option a few times during the day. My Garmin has validated that I’m getting far better quality sleep now and am averaging 7hrs+. A big part of my daily routine. So glad I purchased it."

Tony Wai, New Zealand

"Had this for 2 weeks and can see my deep sleep increasing. I’m still experimenting with duration time of the day to use various modes as it can get pretty strong. I’m currently using focus (30mins) after lunch (combat afternoon fatigue) and relax mode (45mins) after dinner (relax more before sleep)."

Josh Tan, Australia

"I am so impressed by the way this device has helped me get a better sleep. As an educator at the beginning of the school year, I will often have “anxious sleep” interrupted by bad dreams. In the past, I would then stay awake in a cycle of anxious thoughts. Sleeping with Amofit has dramatically increased my ability to go back to sleep as well as have much more restful sleep throughout the night. In addition to the sleep benefits, I find that wearing amofit during the day, I can have more mindful moments throughout the day. When I need a focused period during work, I switch to this function. When I need to relax, I can offer myself a session of relax."

Christy L, United States

“Amazing! I’m not one to write a review however this little device has greatly improved both my sleep and waking hours. I experience anxiety, depression and PTSD and this device has been a blessing. I simply put it on and I can feel the calm set in and not only does it affect my person but the people around me. I backed this project with hope and I support it with gratitude.”

Jennifer Cutler, Canada

"You know public transport drivers, they’re always stressed and angry. But no wonder, they get up early in the morning or work late into the night, and they are constantly driving in crowded cities, plus rush hours and some passengers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am one of the public transport drivers and I have to say that after some time of taking amofit S, my stress is completely gone and I am in a good mood. Other drivers have noticed this and it has gone so far that one asked me what kind of pills I take."

Samuel Polanecký, Czech Republic

amofit S Tech Specs

What's in the box

  • Amofit S Device
  • Silicone Necklace
  • Charging Cable
  • User Guide

Model: amofit S (AL-101B)
Weight: 0.03 lb (13.9 g)
Size: 1.61 x 1.4 x 0.35 inch
Battery: 3.7v, 80mAh Li-Polymer
Battery Life: 8-9 hours
Charging Time: 1-1.5 hours
Ambient Temperature: 0-104 ℉ (0-40 ℃)

Attach the device to your collar using the clip on the back of the device or wear it like a necklace around your neck.

This simple, sophisticated device will improve your wellbeing.