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Insomnia Treatment

* In a clinical trial of adults with self-reported sleep difficulties, 95% of participants reported improvements to their overall sleep score

** In the same trial, the mean Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) score reduced from 15.7 (moderate insomnia) to 8.15 (sub-threshold insomnia) after 14 days of treatment

amofit S

Improve Sleep

without the need for Sleeping Pills or Medication

The amofit S device has two modes: Calm and Focus. Calm mode increases vagal tone and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and correct the body’s internal balance. amofit S and the underlying cVES technology has been shown during clinical trials to:

    • Improve overall sleep*
    • Reduce insomnia (as measured by the Insomnia Severity Index, ISI)**
    • Increase melatonin levels at night time***
    • Increase HRV (Heart Rate Variability), indicating a reduction in stress

Some people experience positive results from the first day they wear Amofit. For others it may take a bit longer time to experience desired results. Feedback and testimonials show results vary. We are all unique and have different health issues. However, 60% of users report results within 1-3 days.

If you’d like to talk to someone before you buy an Amofit about your unique situation to find out if it is the right choice for you, we are happy to offer you a free no-obligation consultation.

Before getting this device, I have been looking through the discussion to figure out will this device work.It does really help me rest better while I am sleeping (I guess it helps me fall into deeper sleep). So for those who wonder if this device really works, my answer is definitely YES, and will definitely recommend this for those who want to stay better focused during work or have better sleep!

Had this for 2 weeks and can see my deep sleep increasing. I’m still experimenting with duration time of the day to use various modes as it can get pretty strong. I’m currently using focus (30mins) after lunch (combat afternoon fatigue) and relax mode (45mins) after dinner (relax more before sleep).

I’ve been wearing my Amofit-S now for 2 weeks. I noticed a big difference after the second day of using – mainly using the calm option a few times during the day. My Garmin has validated that I’m getting far better quality sleep now and am averaging 7hrs+. A big part of my daily routine. So glad I purchased it.

I get calmer and the sleep improved a lot. 2 months later I can tell you, this is not a short term effect. I stay calmer and relaxed nearly all the time. If there is a problem occurring, I double the time with Amofit S to calm down very fast. The sleep improved also permanent. I‘m still using only the sleep-mode and happy with it. Thank to AMO-Lab for creating such an easy to use and helpful tool!

Long-Lasting Effects

According to our clinical studies and the reviews from our users, more than 60% of users experience the sleep benefits of using amofit S after the first 1-3 days of use. Most importantly, clinical reports demonstrate that people with severe insomnia symptoms experience greater effects. Additionally, most users, particularly those with severe sleep problems, report significant improvement on the first day of use.

In our first clinical trial, we achieved a remarkable result with the effect of amofit S lasting more than 72 hours after the device being used for just 2 hours.

How Does It Work?

amofit S uses non-contact neurostimulation technology. An electromagnetic signal passes through the skin and is transmitted to the Vagus Nerve in the heart area. This signal regulates vagal tone and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

amofit S can be worn by using a necklace or by clipping the product to your collar. It is simple and convenient to use any time, anywhere. Positive effects can be noticed with as little as 30 minutes of use per day, with a recommended 3 hours per day for the best results.


The mild electromagnetic signal generated by amofit S operates at a very low level compared to the intensity of the magnetic field generated by the human body and is equivalent to 1/10 of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Natural neurostimulation based on the principle of the human body entrainment does not have any side effects and guarantees higher safety.

Your Life, Rejuvenated