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What people say...

Thank you to all of our customers who shared their experience of using ‘amofit S’.

“The Amofit is working brilliantly on my husband anxiety after only two days. Haven’t seen him so relaxed for years. After a major stroke with significant right brain injury it took him 3 months to be able to walk and climb stairs.”

New Zealand

“This device has made me calmer, less anxious, less stressed and better focused when doing daily tasks.”
I recieved my Amofit about 2 months ago. The first couple of days my body felt so exhausted and I think it was all to do with the anxiety and stress that I was letting go of. It’s amazing how much of an effect the Amofit has had on me every single day. I even let my partner try it for a few days and she also experienced a huge effect from it. The Amofit has made me calmer, less anxious, less stressed and better focused when doing daily tasks. For someone who was considering professional help with my anxiety, this was a much cheaper option and turned out to be exactly what I was needing.

Mason Corbett
New Zealand

“With just 2 uses, I tossed and turned much less, fell asleep faster, and felt refreshed in the morning.”

A relative is a poor sleeper but lately has been sleeping only ~3 hours per night and was “desperate”. Hearing about my experience of Amofit S, reading up about it and noting its potential as a sleep aid, they ordered one. Whilst they waited for theirs, I visited and they wore mine for 3 hours.

First night, they didn’t toss and turn fitfully, as they had been doing. Second night, they slept 5-6 hours, “peacefully”. Third night, they fell asleep quite quickly. After 2 hrs of sleep they had to get up briefly but was able to go back to sleep (!) and slept a total of about 7 hours, which they described as “fantastic” and “lovely”. After a gap of about a week, their own arrived. That first night, they described “a good night’s sleep”. Compared with how bad it’s been: far less tossing & turning, quicker to fall asleep, felt refreshed in the morning. And this was from just 2 uses.

Bron AU

“It has improved sleep and anxiety.”
My parents and I have been sharing an amofit S for just over a month. It only took a week for me to notice a difference, particularly when it came to the quality of my sleep. I have a history of dysregulated sleeping patterns, often having a lot of trouble when it comes to falling asleep, and I would also wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours before I could sleep again. After using the amofit S, I would fall asleep noticeably faster (up to 30 minutes faster), and if I do happen to wake up in the middle of the night, I usually stay awake for less than an hour.

I also experience anxiety and panic attacks, and using this device regularly has lessened the amount of anxiety I experience, considerably. For the past two weeks my workload has increased greatly and while this would usually elicit an anxious response, I was relatively calm throughout. I did feel stressed but it was nowhere near as debilitating as it could have been. During those days I wore the device for about 3 hours per day. The amofit S technology appears create a “buffer effect,” helping regulate the nervous system so that there are no extreme responses.

My parents have reported better sleep. They will get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or wake up due to noise, but ever since using the device (they use it for anywhere between 1-3 hours a day, each) they often sleep through the whole night. I have also noticed that they are happier, get frustrated less often and laugh more. It is helping them with feeling calmer and they like to wear it while watching television or on the computer.

The amofit S is light and easy to use, and it is convenient to wear around. You will often forget you’re even wearing it because it’s so small and “out of the way.” The cord clasp opens and closes easily and the buttons are easy to use. We haven’t used it in focus mode so I can’t really comment on that, but I will be testing it out eventually. There is the option to wear it as a clip-on, too! The buttons are easy to operate and the battery lasts several hours before needing a full charge. Overall, I am very impressed with this device.

Great job amofit S team, and thank you for bringing us this technology.

Yun Lu
New Zealand

It has greatly improved both my sleep and waking hours.”
Amazing! I’m not one to write a review however this little device has greatly improved both my sleep and waking hours. I experience anxiety, depression and PTSD and this device has been a blessing. I simply put it on and I can feel the calm set in and not only does it affect my person but the people around me. I backed this project with hope and I support it with gratitude.

Jennifer Cutler

“A cure for my restless legs.”
I received my Amofit S just under 3 weeks ago and started using it straight away. My reasoning behind buying the device, among others, was a hunch I had about the correlation between the Vagus Nerve and RLS Restless Leg Syndrome and wanted to see if the Amofit could help with my RLS. I have been suffering from RLS for the past couple of years and it has been a huge struggle for me.
The restless legs are a side effect from being on medication. I was then put on another medication to help with the restless legs. Pills on top of pills to fix side effects. All I can say is that the Amofit S is amazing. The first night I tried it out I had zero restless legs. No pills taken. This cycle has repeated with success every time. I no longer need to take the medication to alleviate my RLS. I just wear my Amofit. it’s a life saver.

New Zealand

“I highly recommend amofit S to anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia and trying to lose weight.”
I have been using amofit S since July 2022, and I am extremely happy with it. I wear it almost every day and I usually have it on all day. When I do not wear it, I really notice it. Depending on what I’m doing, I switch between the Calm mode or Focus mode. In times of stress or traffic I will turn on the device, and it helps manage. I feel that overall amofit S helps reduce my stress levels, which seems to even help me with my weight loss!!! 🙂
I love amofit S so much that I got one for my partner. My partner, who is a scientist and is usually very skeptical, has been wearing amofit S much more regularly than his Apple Watch. He says that he noticed amofit S helping with anxiety and sleep. The device is well-designed and built, both units function flawlessly. When one necklace failed, the customer support team was extremely responsive and quickly sent me a replacement.
I highly recommend amofit S to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia and working on losing weight. It’s a product that seems magical to me that truly makes a difference in my and my partner’s lives. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. I am so glad I gave it a chance. I am an amofit S user for life!

United States

“I can say that it has been a game changer for my anxiety and stress.”
Been using the amofit S since April, can honestly say it’s been a game changer for my anxiety and stress. I’ve used a number of other devices and none have had the results and benefits that the amofit S has given me.

Chris McA
United Kingdom

“I’m getting far better quality of sleep.”

I’ve been wearing my Amofit-S now for 2 weeks. I had low expectations after trying a range of other options to help me sleep in the past – incl sleep supplements, meditation, and other therapies and unfortunately to no avail remained with an average sleep time of around 4-5 hrs a night of pretty much restlessness. My sleep patterns had deteriorated as I entered my 50’s. I noticed a big difference after the second day of using – mainly using the calm option a few times during the day. My Garmin has validated that I’m getting far better quality sleep now and am averaging 7hrs+. A big part of my daily routine. So glad I purchased it.

Tony Wai
New Zealand

“My stress is completely gone and I am in a good mood.”
You know public transport drivers, they’re always stressed and angry. But no wonder, they get up early in the morning or work late into the night, and they are constantly driving in crowded cities, plus rush hours and some passengers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am one of the public transport drivers and I have to say that after some time of taking amofit S, my stress is completely gone and I am in a good mood. Other drivers have noticed this and it has gone so far that one asked me what kind of pills I take. 🙂

Samuel Polanecký
Czech Republic

“For those who wonder if this device really works, my answer is definitely YES.”
Before getting this device, I have been looking through the discussion to figure out will this device work. And the answer is YES!

So I have been having this Amofit for 2 months and have been using it every single day with 1 Focus Mode session in the morning, 1 Calm Mode session in the afternoon, and sometimes another Calm Mode session at night before I sleep.
So let’s start with Focus Mode first. Before I got the Amofit, I had been using the Foci (another device to measure the focus level while I am working) for a few months. After using the Amofit Focus Mode together with Foci, my focus time has been significantly increased based on the measurement of the Foci. I also can really feel that I am able to stay focused for a much longer time even without the measurement from Foci. There is a time when I did not bring my Amofit and the measurement from the Foci show there is a significant drop in focus time on that day compared to the time when I am wearing the Amofit with Focus Mode. So I can conclude that the Focus Mode is working well for me. 😀
For the Calm Mode, since I do not suffer from any sleep issues, I can’t really clearly tell how much improvement gained from Amofit to help me fall to sleep. But personally, I can feel that with the same number of hours of sleep, I tend to feel less tired during the day. It does really help me rest better while I am sleeping (I guess it helps me fall into deeper sleep).
So for those who wonder if this device really works, my answer is definitely YES, and will definitely recommend this for those who want to stay better focused during work or have better sleep!

Shee Xiong Chen

“I can see my deep sleep increasing.”

Had this for 2 weeks and can see my deep sleep increasing. I’m still experimenting with duration time of the day to use various modes as it can get pretty strong. I’m currently using focus (30mins) after lunch (combat afternoon fatigue) and relax mode (45mins) after dinner (relax more before sleep).

Josh Tan

“This device effectively works for those with insomnia, stress and migraine.”
First of all I just placed the order out of curiosity, I don’t know this small device able to help me or not. Been wearing this Amofit for 2 months now, the result? Absolutely superb!
I’ve struggling with migraine and insomnia for some time after changed to new job, maybe due the stress and pressure from work. After tried Amofit, I can instantly feel the changes in green mode, constantly can feel the mind started to relax and calm, falling asleep naturally until I wake up next day in the morning with out any disturbing. (Very deep sleep) and surprisingly the migraine are reducing day by day.
This small device really changed my life even its work for my family members too. With the efficiency of the result, I quickly share this device with my family members. I have two kids (age 8 and age 6) both with different personalities. One is grumpy and the other is hyperactive and neither can’t concentrate on their study. Even so, I tried to put Amofit on them, and is really work for kids too! Being calm, attentive and not distracted during class. The school teacher praised that the kids are now putting more effort and attentions on the study.
My wife did the same as well no more falling asleep at work, now she can be concentrate and accomplish all her daily task with fast and efficient way. But sadly with the amazing result everyone is so depending and fighting to wear the device.
Due to daily high usage, recently the sensibility of the touch button (ON/OFF) is not working normally and I getting a replacement unit from AMO Lab and is on the way.
Conclusion, this Amofit effectively work for those with insomnia, stress and migraine. And 100% safe for kids above 5 years old with conclusive result. Lastly, I’m glad that I did placed the order at first and never regret to own it. Well done AMO Lab! Overall is a good experience and the shipment was fast and safe with FedEX. The incredible product with the amazing seller.
(The above sharing is based on my true experiences and true review hope it work for you as well.)

Tow CF

“This device has dramatically increased my ability to go back to sleep and helped me have much more restful sleep.”
I am so impressed by the way this device has helped me get a better sleep. As an educator at the beginning of the school year, I will often have “anxious sleep” interrupted by bad dreams. In the past, I would then stay awake in a cycle of anxious thoughts. Sleeping with Amofit has dramatically increased my ability to go back to sleep as well as have much more restful sleep throughout the night. In addition to the sleep benefits, I find that wearing amofit during the day, I can have more mindful moments throughout the day. When I need a focused period during work, I switch to this function. When I need to relax, I can offer myself a session of relax.

Christy L
United States

“I get calmer and my sleep improved a lot. And this is not a short-term effect.”
This is my second review with even more experience with Amofit S. As already mentioned in my first review, I get calmer and the sleep improved a lot. 2 months later I can tell you, this is not a short term effect. I stay calmer and relaxed nearly all the time. If there is a problem occurring, I double the time with Amofit S to calm down very fast. The sleep improved also permanent. I‘m still using only the sleep-mode and happy with it. I can recommend Amofit S fully. Thank to AMO-Lab for creating such an easy to use and helpful tool!

Johannes M.